New years 2017

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New Years 2017

Happy New Years! 2016 has been crazy for me. I'm not one to plan long ahead, my life is kind of a do what makes me feel good at the time. I can be recklessly spontaneous at times and when I have an idea in my head I have to do it instantly and I think because I'm like that it brings me joy throughout the year. During 2016 so many wonderful opportunities came along. I was surprised last January with a trip to Austria that my husband had done all by himself, I got to visit many places and do so many things around England that I had in the past neglected to do. We bought our first car we actually wanted, My husband was offered an amazing job in Canada, we left our lives behind in England sold all our stuff and Traveled around Europe all Summer, My husband was on TV, Though Canada did screw up with the work Visa and we would have been there September time it only left more room to Travel around Latvia and live here and the best part of all...My biggest wish in life was a simple thing that in this world is close to impossible, which was myself and my Husband to not be separated so we could enjoy our lives together, but work was always the thing that kept us from enjoying each other, but it did come true slightly this year (even if its for the shortest of time) I was able to spend the last year with him everyday and its only made us closer and happier. Just recently in December he was also offered a job while we wait for Canada with a company from LA that he can work remotely, they did offer us to move there, and as hard saying no to LA, we already waited this long for Canada, I couldn't imagine how long LA visa would take. and the best part of all is I made a drastic decision in December that I could no longer bare the winters here so I booked one-way tickets to Mexico! we leave 10th January, so now 2017 is already a great year and I look forward posting my trip.

New Years is quite a big deal here, thought Latvians kind of celebrate christmas, but not the same as people in UK or American. Its just not as excessive, There is no crazy floods of people lining up for months for a Christmas turkey or the new lastest toy, infact the malls are quite like usually. no big discounts and over eating. its typically for most a one gift things which is uasually chocolate, flowers maybe some knitted socks and everyone goes on with there day as per usual. i do believe though they may adapt to a more western aprouch any time soon as Halloween never exsisted here the way we celebrate untill this year, accept they weren't saying "Trick or Treat' but "Life or death"? bit creepy but ok :D

I stopped Celebrating Christmas for those reasons, i hate what consumerism is doing to our society, it has for decades, but more than ever now, because were making it the norm, and the only way to end that and have an actually fulfilling life is to not give in to it. lets face it, Christmas was invited by coca-cola to get us to spend are money in places that don't benifit our real happiness.

New Years is Christmas for Russian's and Latvian's but again, not like our Christmas because its just New years :D

This was really my first time Celebrating New years, I never had a lot of friends growing up, while everyone else was invited to these things I never got the chance so they were spent at home in my bedroom like it was a regular day, first time in latvia which was exciting to be here and experience it. My husband always told me the traditions here (because he's from here)

Riga all come together to see an end close and a new chapter to start. Food, Live music, Toasty warm fire and of course the Fireworks!

My last Mulled Wine of the season, one thing i do look forward to at the end of the year.

2016 was good to me, but I know 2017 will be better because there is always room to improve your life. I hope this year has been good to you too and make the next year better then the last. I will see you all Next year

Happy New Year 2017

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