Christmas Market Riga

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Riga Christmas Market

Christmas season has hit here in latvia. This will be my first time spending the holidays here, and it really shows the country in a different more colourful light. The towns are filled with Nordic style Decorations and

festive cheer. Riga has it's annual Christmas Markets here in the old town, which is why its the perfect time to come visit little latvia.

In the smaller parts of Old town you can find another market, old ladies selling there hand knitted socks and gloves

oor simply come to grab a hot Mulled Wine with friends

The Rooster is an Iconic symbol to the Old town, said to defend of bad things. The main Christmas Tree is deced out with them.

You can find Baked Ginger Bread, Mulled Wine,Beautiful hand crafted Toys and Lots of yummy warm meals.

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