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Botanical Gardens

Spring is slowly approuching us here in Latvia and though I have found since living here for almost a year now that there really isnt much to do and trying can be challenging . If your looking for something to do on the weekend then the Botanical Garden is a great way to step into Spring. wonder the Garden grounds and take in the fresh outdoors air. Walk around the Tropical house and imagine your in paradise and then stop off at the Butterfly farm sit and appreciate the beauty floating around you.

I wont lie, ever since coming back from Mexico its been really hard for me hear. I already was done with Europe before staying in Latvia, and I never planned for my wait for Canada to go on for this long, but the reality was it did and I had to make the most of my stay. I have gone through a rough time with depression here, It's cold, very cold and not much to do once you get past the touristy parts. I never made any friends even though I did make an efford to join some dance classes to pass the time so its just been me and my husand waiting. I was happy to see the winter season leaving and Spring taking place, though it doesnt seem to give us much warmth here, so I made an effort to get out the house and do something about my wollowing Melochony.

Funny enough I live 5 minutes down the road from the Gardens and never visited un till now. I feel this place is great for Wedding Photoshoots because you get a wide viarty of wildlife. Entering the Butterfly Garden, i always feel uncomfortable at first because well there just flapping around in your face, but it really is beautiful.

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