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After this crazy wait a long time coming we Officially have moved from our European nest to Canada. I can't believe I can now say that with confidence. Ontario London is currently our new home and its been a long week adjusting to the city.

Everything is big big big here, food, streets, car and stores almost overwhelmingly. Before i came to Canada I honestly had no idea what to expect, we came here with fresh eyes and all my steriotypes were wiped out of exsistance, people here are pretty much American, unless there is something im missing? but to a European exactly the same, even the accents minus the "Sourey' "aboots" and "hows it going" of course, and yes! they really do speak like this. I tried my first Poutine "which is absolutely amazing" and browsed the malls like never before.

while the sun has been shining and egar to explore the place i will be living in, we put on our sneakers, backpacks and shades and hit the streets, also on hunt for places to live, plus we don't have a car yet so it was the only option right now.

After a long week hunting we came across a brand new building and they had one more available, we took it on the spot and now were at a place of buying furniture, and this time i get to make it my own. awsome thing here is Bills are included in the rent which you never get in Europe! plus Gym and Balcony space, and boy the apartments here are huge!


Now with my new set of Keys and Canada Day coming up, i feel like this is going to be an exciting summer for us making this place our home. I look forward posting updates and my inspirations later on.

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